Self-Care Expedition

Discover and Practice 10 Sensational Self-Care Habits to

Nourish. Move. Rest. Connect. Soothe. 

Your Body, Emotions and Spirit.


In this 12-week, transformational program you will:

  • Revive your physical, emotional, and spiritual energy as you transform your self-care.  

  • Release your dis-ease promoting patterns as you harmonize with nature.

  • Revolutionize your habits as you follow ancient and modern behavior science wisdom. 

  • Raise your success as you connect with a group of like-minded wellbeing seekers. 

  • Reclaim your radiance as you shift your identity to reflect vibrant wellbeing.

Are you ready to enjoy Vibrant Wellbeing?


Self-Care Expeditions begin in January and September.


Your Sensational Self-Care Expedition Includes:

Group Meetings.png
  • Share insights, successes, and challenges, making habit changes, fun, meaningful long-lasting.

  • Engage in group coaching to discover tips for navigating each self-care habit with flexibility, ease and success.

  • In-person and virtual

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Individual Coaching.png
  • Narrow your focus on one habit changing step at a time so that you feel like a winner every day.

  • Personalize your habit changing journey to reach your unique Vibrant Wellbeing desires.

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Movement and Self-care workshops.png
  • Connect with the local community of wellbeing seekers to broaden and strengthen your self-care practices.

  • Reinforce your self-care practices with:

    • Practical, inspiring information

    • Energizing movement and meditation

    • Dynamic discussion and creative reflection

Breath Body Practices (2).png
  • Enhance your movement, breath and meditation practices in the comfort of your own home using Kristen’s YouTube Page or at a local community class.

  • Develop a sense of how you can engage your body, mind and spirit so that you enjoy more energy and confidence. 


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Success Partnerships.png
  • Partner with one or two fellow S.E.E. Members, to boost your confidence and commitment to daily self-care.

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  • Personalize your journey and guarantee success by discovering which techniques work best for you.

Habit Changing Goodies.png
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  • Collect a stash of practical tools to help you simplify and enjoy your self-care habits.