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Seasonal Cleanse - Orientation Week

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  • Read pgs. 1-50 (NCW) - That’s 7 pages per day…Ah…”I can do that!”

    • Complete “Setting Your Intention” p. 21

    • Complete “Your Cleanse Commitment” p. 42

  • Look at the S.E.E. Your Wellbeing Fall 2019 Cleanse Meal Planner and Choose your Meal Plan (to begin October 7). Click Here.

    • See the 2 Leaning Videos below to help you with your selection and organization.

  • Print or bookmark the Seasonal Cleanse Supplemental Recipes - Click Here.

    • The document is 16 pages.

    • Print in black and white, double sided to save expenses.

  • Discover and begin your Breath Body Practice (BBP)

Learning Videos.png

Monday (September 30th) - Orientation Part 1: Click Here (5:54)

Tuesday (October 1st) - Orientation Part 2: Click Here (14:56)

Wednesday (October 2nd) -

  • Cleanse Meal Plan Overview: Click Here (12:14)

  • Cleanse Electronic Meal Plan Tutorial: Click Here (9:55)

    • Copy your chosen meal plan and grocery list

    • Bookmark your meal plan on your browser for future reference (optional)

    • Make any modifications or substitutions to your meal plan

    • Print your meal plan and grocery list

Thursday (October 3rd) - Cleanse Nourishment Foundation: Click Here (24:03)

Friday (October 4th) - Breath Body Practice: Click Here (11:33)

Saturday (October5th)- No videos: review and relax.

Practice Videos.png

Visit my YouTube Page for a variety of Movement & Movement Practices. Here are a select few that will help facilitate your first week of “cleansing/detoxing”:

Guided Meditation: Breath of Life: Click Here (8:17)

Release Your Grief: Qi Gong Practice: Click Here (17:41)

Release Your Fear Qi Gong Practice: Click Here (11:17)

Optinal Self Care Practices.png
  • Morning Movement:  5-20 minutes

  • Qi Breaks: 2-3 minute every 1-2 hours

Success Mate Activities.png
  • Connect with your Success Mate

  • Establish preferred form of communication (email, text, phone, facebook)

  • Aim to connect at least 1x per week

  • Read the Success Mate Agreement: Click Here

    • Complete the agreement commitment task at the bottom of page 1

    • Sign it and text, email or Facebook message your parter

  • Share Your Cleanse Commitment p 42 (NCW)

Facebook Post Goals Orientation.png
  • Friend Kristen Polzien to join private Facebook group

  • Introduce yourself to the S.E.E. Your Wellbeing Cleanse Crew

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Access the zoom meeting audio recording: Click Here