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Seasonal Cleanse - Week 3

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On the last day of your 7-10 day cleanse: Complete the Seasonal Cleanse Next Steps Action Plan: Click Here

  • The day you complete this depends on if you are doing a 7 day or 10 day cleanse.

  • Read p 51-65 (NCW)

  • Complete “What Your Body is Trying to Tell You” p 54 (NCW)

  • Complete “How Were you Fed?” p 57 (NCW)

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Mindfulness and Meditation: Click Here (25:32)

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Visit my YouTube Page for a variety of Movement & Meditation Practices. Here are some select practices that will guide you to calm your mind and connect inward.

Guided Meditation for Anxiety: Click Here (10:00)

Guided Meditation for Peace and Rejuvenation: Click Here (8:36)

Guided Meditation for Self Healing: Click Here (7:58)

Guided Meditation: Inner Smile: Click Here (18:49)

Guided Meditation for Inner Radiance: Click Here (17:42)

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  • Start and/or end your day with an intentional moment of reflection or gratitude

  • Include one guided meditation or mindfulness practice or 5-10 minutes of sitting in silence at a preferred time of day.

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  • Share the “What Your Body is Trying to Tell You” p 54 (NCW) experience with each other.

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  • Share your reflections after one of your mindfulness or meditation practices

  • Share how you are feeling making transitions with you nourishment, whether your returning to the cleanse or re-introducing other foods.

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Access the zoom meeting audio recording: Click Here.