Seasonal Cleanse - Week 3

Growth Work.png
  • Read p 66 (NCW)

  • Complete Cleanse Reflections p 66 (NCW)

  • Read p 15 (SCW)

  • Discover and design your mindfulness and meditation practices

  • Enjoy mindfulness and meditation practices

Learning Videos.png
  • Week 3: Part 1 - Mindful Meal Time (26:38): Click Here

  • Week 3: Part 2 - Mindfulness and Meditation (12:17): Click Here

Practice Videos.png

  1. Your Multidimensional Being Mindfulness Practice: Click Here

  2. Earth and Water Mindfulness Practice: Click Here

  3. Colorful Meditation Practice: Click Here

  4. Dissolving with the Smile Meditation: Click Here

  5. Inner Healer Meditation: Click Here

Self Care Practice Goals.png
  • Start and/or end your day with an intentional moment of reflection or gratitude

  • Include one guided meditation or mindfulness practice or 5-10 minutes of sitting in silence at a preferred time of day.

Accountability Partner Tasks.png
  • Share your “Cleanse Reflections” p 66 (NCW)

Facebook Post Goals.png
  • Share your reflections after one of your mindfulness or meditation practices