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Seasonal Cleanse - Week 2

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  • On the last day of your 7-10 day cleanse: Complete the Spring Cleanse Next Steps Action Plan: Click Here

    • The day you complete this depends on if you are doing a 7 day or 10 day cleanse. If 7 days, complete on Wednesday. If 10 days, complete on Saturday.

  • Read p 51-65 (NCW)

  • Complete What Your Body is Trying to Tell You (p 54)

  • Complete How Were you Fed p 57 (NCW)

  • Discover and design your Soothing Sleep Rituals

  • Enjoy Soothing Sleep Rituals

  • Enjoy your weekend!

Learning Videos.png
  • Soothing Sleep Rituals (22:24) - Click Here

Practice Videos.png
  • Qi Gong Healing Sounds Practice: Click Here

  • Sleepytime Qi Gong: Neck Release and Healing Sound: Click Here

  • 5 Minute Full Body Massage: Click Here

  • Sleepytime Qi Gong Flow: Click Here

  • Sleepytime Qi Massage: Click Here

Self Care Practice Goals.png
  • Breath Practice

  • Bedtime Affirmations

  • Self Acupressure (Acupressure Points for Sleep: Click Here for the Qi Gong for Soothing Sleep Workbook.

  • Healing Sounds and Colors

  • QiGong Practice

  • Lights out by 10:00 pm

Success Mate Activities.png
  • Complete What Your Body is Trying to Tell You (p 54) together or share your reflections after you complete on your own.

Facebook Post Goals.png
  • Post the action step you chose from the Spring Cleanse Next Steps Action Plan (link above).

  • Share your Soothing Sleep Ritual

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Access the zoom meeting audio recording from 5/5/19: Click Here