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Seasonal Cleanse - Week 2

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  • Start your Cleanse Meal Plan

  • Design and indulge in Soothing Sleep Rituals

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Soothing Sleep Rituals - Click Here (22:24)

Bonus Video: Self Sabotage Flavor - Click Here (17:53)

  • We all experience resistance. What’s your flavor and how can you over come it?

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Visit my YouTube Page for a variety of Movement & Meditation Practices. Here are a select few that will help facilitate your first week of cleansing.

Qi Gong for Better Sleep: Short and Sweet Slumber Flow: Click Here (10:55)

Qi Gong for Better Sleep: Calm your heart self massage: Click Here (10:02)

Qi Gong for Better Sleep: Neck Release and Healing Sound: Click Here (12:10)

Qi Gong for Better Sleep: Seated Practice: Click Here (20:52)

Release Your Stress: Qi Gong Practice: Click Here (8:15)

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  • Bedtime affirmations

  • Self Acupressure (Acupressure Points for Sleep: Click Here for the Qi Gong for Soothing Sleep Workbook.

  • Lights out by 10:00 pm.

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  • Connect with each other a few or more times this week with encouraging and honest reflections about your cleansing process. A few questions to consider:

    • What changes are challenging for me?

    • What changes are easy for me?

    • What physical, emotional and mental changes am I experiencing?

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  • Respond to my inquiries and group posts .

  • Share your Soothing Sleep Ritual.

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Access the zoom meeting audio recording: Click Here