Seasonal Cleanse - Week 1

Growth Work.png
  • Choose your Cleanse Meal Plan

    • Copy your chosen meal plan and grocery list

    • Bookmark your meal plan on your browser for future reference (optional)

    • Make any modifications or substitutions to your meal plan

    • Print meal plan on your meal plan and grocery list

  • Read pgs 22-50 (NCW)

  • Complete Your Cleanse Commitment p 42 (NCW)

  • Discover and design your Breath Body Practice (BBP)

  • Enjoy Daily BBP

Learning Videos.png

Good News: There are no new videos this week! Review or watch the videos from orientation week.

Your optional (recommended) self-care practice this week is Breath Body Practice (BBP)

  • Breath Body Practice: Click Here (11:33) also posted in orientation week

Bonus Video:

  • Self Sabotage Flavor - Click Here (17:53)

Practice Videos.png


Qi Gong promo pics.png
  • The Breath of Life Breathing Practice: Click Here

  • Qi Gong Breathing Exercises: Click Here

  • Turtle Breath: Click Here


  • Qi Gong for Letting Go: Click Here

  • Qi Gong for Confidence and Courage: Click Here

  • Qi Gong for Peace and Tranquility: Click Here

  • Qi Gong for Kindness: Click Here

  • Qi Gong for Joy: Click Here

  • Qi Gong for Healthy Digestion: Click Here

Self Care Practice Goals.png
  • Conscious Breath Practice: 1-2+ minutes before Morning Movement and when triggered

  • Morning Movement:  5-20 minutes

  • Qi Breaks: 2-3 minute every 1-2 hours

Success Mate Activities.png
  • Establish preferred form of communication (email, text, phone, facebook)

  • Aim to connect at least 1x per week

  • Read the Success Mate Agreement: Click Here

    • Complete the agreement commitment task at the bottom of page 1

  • Share Your Cleanse Commitment p 42 (NCW)

Facebook Post Goals.png
  • Share one of your desired outcomes for the cleanse

  • Post a picture after your BBP

Zoom Meeting Recording.png

Access the zoom meeting audio recording from 4/28/19: Click Here