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Self Care Expedition

Integration Week

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  • Body Thrive Reading: How to Change your Habits in Relationships

  • Use our Habit Tracking Google Sheet - Click Here - to add your:

    • Integration Week Kazien practice. You may choose to focus on deeper integration of one of the first 5 habits (i.e. repetition or run a new experiment).

  • Peer Support Worksheet - Click Here

    • Use this worksheet to mobilize peer support for your better habits.

    • Create a kaizen practice for how you will integrate your habits in relationships.

  • You and the Resistance Worksheet - Click Here

    • If you are struggling to make changes in your self-care habits, instead of fighting the resistance, you can ask the resistance what it is trying to tell you. Invite the resistance to join you for tea and complete this worksheet.

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  • Knowing and Doing - Click Here (8:56)

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  • Share your reflections on how you are evolving through prioritizing your self-care.

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  • Share how you are asking for support for your habit evolution. Use the Peer Support Worksheet to guide your discussion.