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Self Care Expedition

Habit 8: Healthy Eating Guidelines

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  • Body Thrive Reading: Habit 8 - Healthy Eating Guidelines

  • Print (or view online) Qi Gong for Healthy Digestion Workbook - Click Here

  • Print (or view online) Five Phases and Tastes Charts - Click Here

  • Use our Habit Tracking Google Sheet - Click Here - to add your:

    • HEG Kaizen Habit Goal

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  • How to Change Your Habits: Make it Attractive - Click Here (13:06)

  • Habit 8: Healthy Eating Guidelines - Click Here (47:48)

    • Print (or access online) the pdf of the slides for this video - Click Here

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  • Share which of the 5 tastes you need to balance your nourishment.

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  • Share conversation around the following questions:

    • What Healthy Eating Guideline(s) are you practicing now?

      • What changes have you noticed?

    • What Healthy Eating Guideline seems the most challenging for you?

      • What fun experiment can try to make this guideline a little more easeful?