Self Care Expedition

Habit 9: Come to Your Senses

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  • Body Thrive Reading: Habit 9 - Come to Your Senses

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  • How to Change your Habits: Track Your Progress - Click Here (20:16)

  • There is no learning video for this habit. Choose one or more of the following resources to enhance your sensory pleasure (Links also available in the Sense Organ Supplement, above):

    • Taste Care Resources

      • Podcast: Oil pull as if your health depends on it (1:13:43): Click Here

      • Where to buy your tongue scraper: Click Here

      • Tongue Scraping Video (2:20): Click Here

    • Nasal Care Resources

      • Podcast: Why Yogis Snort Oil (1:08:59): Click Here

      • Nasal Rinsing Video (2:42): Click Here

      • Nasal Oiling Video (2:03): Click Here

      • Where to buy your neti pot: Click Here

      • Where to buy nasya oil

          • Banyan Botanicals: Click Here 

          • Shaktiveda: Click Here

    • Eye Care Resources

      • Podcast: Yoga for Eyes (54:06) Click Here

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  • Share your responses to one or more of the following:

    • What sense are you curious about giving more attention and love?

    • What sense have you neglected most?

    • What is your Kaizen approach to tuning one of your senses?

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  • Share how you will track one of your self-care habits this week.