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Self Care Expedition

Habit 6: Self Massage

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  • Body Thrive Reading: Habit 6 - Self Massage

  • Print (or view online) Self Massage Tips - Click Here

    • Includes Do’s and Don’ts and How to Make Your Own Oil

  • Print (or view online) Top 12 Acupressure Points - Click Here

  • Limiting Beliefs and Higher Truths - Click Here

    • When you evolve your self care practices, to any degree, limiting beliefs will show up and slow or block your evolution. Use this worksheet to help you discover what is really true for you.

  • Use our Habit Tracking Google Sheet - Click Here - to add your:

    • SM Kaizen Habit Goal

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  • How to Change Your Habits: Make it Satisfying - Click Here (20:50)

  • Habit 6: Self Massage - Click Here (35:26)

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  • Share questions, curiosity, resistance, or discoveries with your self-massage practice.

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  • Complete the Limiting Beliefs and Higher Truths Worksheet together and share your reflections.