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Self Care Expedition

Habit 10: Easeful Living

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  • Body Thrive Reading: Habit 10 - Easeful Living

  • Complete Easeful Living Reflections Print - Click Here

    • What does easeful living look like for you? Get a sense of what is emerging in you. Who are you becoming as you practice your self-care habits?

  • Use our Habit Tracking Google Sheet - Click Here - to add your:

    • EL Kaizen Habit Goal

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  • How to Change Your Habits & Stick to Them: Finding Your Self-Care Flow State - Click Here (11:57)

  • Easeful Living Audio - Click Here (44:44)

    • This is an audio file. Walk along with me as you reflect on how to practice Easeful Living

  • Inner Healer Meditation - Click Here (17:42)

    • You are your own best healer. Connect with your healing power and live with ease. Bask in the glow of your inner radiance.

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  • Share your reflection on the following question from the Easeful Living Orientation Worksheet":

    • What actions do I take that orient me towards ease?

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  • Complete the 10 Habits Reflections section of the Easeful Living Worksheet and share your reflections with your partner.