Self Care Expedition

Habit 2: Early to Bed

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  • Body Thrive Reading: Habit 2 - Early to Bed

  • Complete the Early to Bed Flow Chart - Click Here

    • Set yourself up for a sweet slumber by creating an evening ritual that allows you to digest your dinner, recognize and honor your fatigue.

  • Use the Qi Gong for Sleep Workbook as a resource for Soothing Sleep Rituals - Click Here

    • This workbook is filled with a variety of soothing sleep rituals and strategies to support your ETB desires.

  • Use our Habit Tracking Google Sheet - Click Here - to add your:

    • ETB Kaizen Habit Goal

  • Complete the Identity Evolution Worksheet - Click Here, after you watch the Identity Evolution Video (below)

    • Use this worksheet to establish a solid foundation for changing your self-care habits by deciding the type of person you want to be. 

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  • How to Change Your Habits: Make it Easy: 2 Minute Rule and Decisive Moments - Click Here (18:48)

  • Habit 2: Early to Bed - Click Here (38:00)

  • Identity Evolution - Click Here (14:25)

  • Better Sleep with Qi Gong: Seated Practice - Click Here (20:52)

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  • Post your response to the statement: “I am becoming the kind of person who…”.

    • Watch the Identity Evolution Learning Video and complete the Identity Evolution worksheet first.

    • Be creative. Draw a picture or post a short Facebook Live to express the kind of person you are becoming. I’ll share some examples!

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Ask your success partner:

  • How will your Early to Bed kaizen practice help you achieve your WHATs and WHY?