"I lost over 30 pounds. I have rekindled old friendships. I have made new friendships. I have rediscovered my enjoyment for physical fitness, with the realization that I feel best when I share it with others."

"My autoimmune disorder is gone and I am no longer taking medication daily for it."

"I have experienced overwhelm and stagnation often over the past 10+ years. Something was missing and I wasn’t able to figure out what it was and how to find it, that is until I committed to evolving my daily routines. I am making simple shifts in my habits with the help of a naturally inspired structured program and community. I only wish I had this program 10 years ago!"

"My patience was gone. I was listless and distracted. I was smoking again and had put on weight. This program has lifted me out of that sunken depression and restored my vitality. I am more joyful again. I am clear headed again. I have relearned to unstick myself from negative thoughts."

"S.E.E. Your Wellbeing is integrated for physical, mental and spiritual health. Joining a gym or starting a diet never did it for me before-- it was too lonely or expectations seem too high considering where I was starting. Having the small and steady steps forward (Kaizen), the compassionate support of others, and understanding “habit science” is critical to this program.  S.E.E. Your Wellbeing provides a chart and companionship on the journey"

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"I am discovering that I have held myself blocked off from my deeper self for too many years. It is a struggle to reconnect with my deeper self, however it is a challenge that I embrace and enjoy as I feel the strengthening of many aspects of myself through these activities."

"I just love the entire self-discovery process! I have made so many small habit changes that have resulted in big changes."

"I love that these teachings are ancient and based in nature.  That gives it so much credibility for me."

"I think your demeanor and style are very inspiring.  You have lots of energy and optimism and that is balanced by realistic understanding of how very difficult it is to change habits.  You encourage small steps and you give practical ideas of how to implement them.  That has been very helpful to me.  Many thanks."

"I experienced Kristen's strength in 1:1 coaching, especially in setting clear goals and criteria for measurement of attainment. She is also very non-judgmental, which is a skill that is uncommon."

"For a long time, especially after I started doing Yoga with Kristen, I thought that I was on a good path.  It took quite a bit of time to see the deep levels that could be massaged and settled for a better daily experience.  You could put that as self blinders (which many of us these days have) or complacency with the efforts that I was making to better myself. The feeling I got once I was introduced to the idea was that I was ok the way I was and here is a way to be even.  I really like this approach."

"I have received a wealth of information on how to improve myself: how to grow my own sprout foods, what foods and activities disrupt me and empower me, habits that heal not only my body but my mind, and I have many new books I own now thanks to this program. My vibrancy and energy are back, and I credit this program wholeheartedly."

"I really enjoy the group discussions. It comforting to realize that you are not the only one struggling.  Being able to support others to drive through to their goals also helps you to attain your own goals.

"I learned I wasn't eating enough fruits and vegetables before, and now incorporate them every day. The addition of more plant-based foods has greatly affected my mood."


"Kristen, did a fabulous job of leading us down the road. She has a great level of enthusiasm and passion, which flowed through the course in a very meaningful way."

"I appreciate her acceptance of where each member starts the program and her encouragement to value small increments of change. She is generous with her time and attention. Very positive overall."

"She is able to understand what each person is going through since she has changed her life in many ways too and shared those experiences."

"Always prepared and informative - she's also a great person."

"Some of these habits are quick and only add a few minutes to the day's routine. But they all have helped me stop and breathe, further reinforcing the respond to things that happen rather than always reacting."

"This is transformational change and people need to be ready to address challenges within themselves. We each face a lot of resistance and having the support of SEE Your Wellbeing to kaizen the changes makes the resistance less. "

"Your ability to listen deeply, without judgment, so that you can help us work out our own solutions is incredibly supportive. We have the answers deep within us and you just help steer toward those solutions."

"Being able to share our vulnerabilities with each other to make real change is definitely unique. We are all in this together."

"Feels good to be learning something that is radically different than what I'm accustomed to."

Top 10 Benefits of

S.E.E. Your Wellbeing


What members are saying:


  1. Better sleep

  2. More energy during the day

  3. Calmer, more focused mind

  4. Connection with like-minded people

  5. Small changes make huge results

  6. Reduction in hives and asthma symptoms

  7. Physical lightness in my body

  8. Self-discovery has been profound in helping uncover deep goals.

  9. I am regular now after stuffing from constipation for over 13 years.

  10. Freedom!!!


"The program is one of the better choices

I have made in my life."

"I still encounter some resistance when trying to change my habits to move towards the vibrant well being at times. However, with the program and the support structure it has, the resistance is just that, a little bit of resistance, not a wall that can stop me."


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