Stress Relief: Qi Gong Practice

Is it possible to cut stress out of your life?

Is it necessary?

Stress is a normal part of life. 

Is all stress “bad”?


Good stress looks like excitement about... 

a new job, a new partner, an upcoming vacation.

Good stress can motivate you to take effective action.

And then there’s the bad stress that is holding you back.

This negative stress is a villain. It steals your vital energy.

Chinese medicine tells us that negative stress builds up in your liver. And when it does, it shows its ugly face with symptoms like:

Mood swings
Inappropriate anger
Difficulty swallowing
Foul breath
Excessive sleep
Abdominal pain and discomfort
PMS with irritability or swollen breasts
Irregular or painful periods
Poor appetite
Irritable bowels

Got any of those?

Um...You and me both!

It’s time to cut out the negative and cultivate the positive.


Welcome to Qi Gong!

The qi gong practice trains you to be skillful with your energy. In fact, that’s what qi gong means: “energy skill”, roughly speaking.

In this practice you will learn how to breath, cut through negative stress and store positive, healing energy. All in only 7 minutes.

Keep in mind…

Qi Gong is a practice. Overnight results are not guaranteed.

May you Sense, Engage and Express your way to vibrant wellbeing, one practice at a time.

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