Release Your Impatience: Qi Gong Practice

Were you born with impatient genes?

I was.

“Are We There Yet? And “What’s Next?” are questions that were imprinted in my DNA. 

Thanks Dad.

I love you!

It was a daily battle for me to sit still. 

It still is.

I rush from one thing to the next for the reward of ‘getting ‘er done” or the excitement of the next adventure.

To be in the moment. 

To be in awe of nature.

To be in a state of gratitude.

Foreign concepts to me…

Until I found Qi Gong.

Qi Gong invites you to slow down, to embrace your vibrant surroundings, and to fill up with the richness of every moment.

And if you’re lucky, that view may include a rainbow.

Take 10 minutes to soak up the view.

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