3 Simply Refreshing Morning Rituals for Aging Gracefully

To age or not to age? That is NOT the question.

How well are you aging? That is the REAL question.


Is your aging journey graceful or fearful?

We all have some fear about growing older.

An online survey on behalf of Pfizer’s Get Old, found that 87% of Americans have at least one fear about getting older. Decline in physical activity, memory loss, and chronic disease are leading fears.

Your aging fears don’t have to immobilize you. You can expand your perspective.

Would you like to celebrate “aging gracefully” next time you blow out your birthday candles?

Close your eyes.

Imagine, feeling boundless energy as you spin around the sun year after year.

I’ve got 3 simply refreshing rituals to make your wishes come true.

Open your eyes and blow.

Let the journey begin.


What Does Aging Gracefully Mean?

You could consult your doctor, your friends, or good ol’ google. But who’s the real authority on aging gracefully? You are.

I asked my S.E.E. Your Wellbeing crew members to share what "aging gracefully” means to them.


Aging gracefully is:

"Relating to the things you used to be able to do, but can no longer do with a sense of humor and knowing that you are now able to do things that you could not do in the past.”

"Continuing to take on new goals and challenges that stretch your entire being, being willing to rest in uncomfortable places; and being kind, compassionate, and loving to yourself when you feel that you’ve failed, all at the same time.”

"Letting go of the crap that keeps you from loving, being joyful and compassionate, learning, connecting, and growing.”


My crew believes that humor, growth, acceptance and a generous dose of compassion are essential ingredients to aging gracefully. Do you agree?

There’s another secret source for grace.

You need a guide.

No, not me…


Nature is your age old, rather age gracefully guide. She’s waiting for you to wake up and follow her lead. You can make a fresh start every day. Will you accept her invitation?


Start the Day Right

It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom. -Aristotle

Nature has a pot of golden energy for aging gracefully and in the morning her pot overflows. When you start the day right you can reap treasures of health, wealth and wisdom.

To find your way to the pot of golden energy, you need a map. Put away your GPS. The map is simple and easy to follow. All you need is a little practice, patience and compassion.

Off you go.


3 Simply Refreshing Morning Rituals for Aging Gracefully

  1. Rise Before the Shine

  2. Open to Grace

  3. Hydrate to Eliminate


alarm clock.jpg

Rise Before the Shine

What time do you wake up? 7, 7:30, 8am?

Instead of looking at the clock, look outside. Are you rising after the sun? If so, you’re odds of aging gracefully just went way down.

How do you feel when you wake up?

If you’ve been waking up after sunrise, you’re more likely feeling heavy, contracted, disconnected. Your body, heart and spirit are not happy. Why is this?

Sunrise is a potent time when energy transitions from one state to another. Right before sunrise, the energy around you is light, mobile and spacious. After sunrise, nature’s energy becomes dense, dull and sticky. If you want don’t want to be “ol’ stuck in the mud”, rise before the shine. Feel into the graceful flow and design how your day will go.

Train yourself to rise before the shine and then...


Open to Grace

"Each time dawn appears, the mystery is there in its entirety.," Rene Daumal
open to grace.jpg

When you rise before the shine, you have an opportunity to connect to the graceful mystery of the universe. And you are a reflection of the universe. You have magnificent potential.

Do you want to know what you are capable of?

If you want to enjoy your graceful potential, you need to align your energy with the spacious pre-dawn energy. The energy you invite in at the beginning of the day can lift you up or weigh you down for the rest of the day. Why is this?


“Where the mind goes, energy flows”, Ernest Holmes

Your mind is a powerful navigator. If you direct your mind towards Graceland then that’s where you’ll go. So connect with the expansive pre-dawn energy, express what you want:

“I am free!” “I am graceful.” “I am full of light.”

Find a phrase that is meaningful to you. A phrase that honors your potential to age gracefully.

Sure, it might take time to find a good fit and believe in the power of your intention. You’ll know it’s right when you feel optimism flow through you like a gentle breeze.  

Let the universe receive your desire.

And then...


Hydrate to Eliminate

Are you still lying in bed with a frown on your face? Have I soured your mood with too much woo woo?

Okay. You can skip steps 1 and 2 and start your graceful journey here. This step is straightforward and promises quick results.

Your mind, emotions and body flow with ease when you hydrate and eliminate every morning. This unmentionable behavior helps you rid yourself of yesterday’s “nos” and open yourself to today’s “yeses”.

This habit is straightforward...in theory.

Right after you get up, drink a big glass (20+ ounces) of warm water and then sit on the toilet until you eliminate.

Why would this help you age gracefully? Well...if you’re carrying yesterday’s waste into your new day, how graceful can you be?

Ayurveda (and now western science) believes daily elimination and gut health is paramount to your wellbeing. If you’re not releasing at least 18 inches of smooth looking stool, there may be something congesting your system. Waste build up. Fermentation. Toxicity. Yuck!

Chronic constipation and diarrhea are not laughing matters. Achieving regular bowel movements can take time. Remember...practice, patience, compassion.


K.I.S.S. - Keep it Simple Sweetheart

Do you try to “tackle” new behaviors with an all or nothing attitude? How’s that working for you? Consider an alternative approach: Keep it Simple Sweetheart. You’ve got the rest of your graceful life to evolve your morning ritual.

Take nature’s hand. Fall into your graceful rhythm in your time.

If you need a little more support, follow this simple approach. Apply specific cues and tiny steps for each of the 3 Simply Refreshing Morning Rituals for Aging Gracefully:


Rise Before the Shine:

  • Before you get into bed (cue), set your alarm clock 5 minutes earlier (tiny step).

Progress: Each week, aim to wake 5 minutes earlier. Overtime, you’ll want to surrender to an earlier bedtime. Your reward is golden graceful energy. And that’s well worth it.  


Open to Grace:

  • Before you get out of bed (cue), express a simple word or phrase that matches your desire for the day (tiny step).

Progress: Each week, try out a new phrase until you find one that allows you to connect to your true potential. You’ll know when you find it. Overtime, try taking a few deep breaths after your intention or visualizing yourself moving through your day. Sensory awareness can strengthen your connection to nature’s graceful energy.


Hydrate to Eliminate: This one’s a two-step flow.

  • After you get out of bed (cue), go into your bathroom and drink a ½ cup of room temp water (tiny step).

  • After you drink your water (cue), sit on the toilet for 2 minutes (tiny step).

Progress: Each week, increase your water intake ½ cup and add a minute to your toilet time. If you don’t eliminate right away, don’t beat yourself up, that will block your flow even more. Instead, stand up and continue on with your usual routine. Overtime, you will be able to let go and flow with grace.


How do I Know if it’s Working?

You are your own aging graceful authority. No one else can tell you what it feels like. But, if you are looking for signs that you are making graceful progress, schedule a 5 minute weekly date to reflect on how you are flowing through your day.

Here’s what my S.E.E. Your Wellbeing Members have shared about the impact of their morning rituals:

“Since working on the Start the Day Right habit, I have noticed that my energy and engagement levels have risen throughout the day. By doing this, I have been able to prepare my lunches to take with me instead of grabbing something on the go, which has helped with digestion, which in turn has made it easier to work on [bedtime] at the end of the day to complete the cycle with good rest to be ready for the next day.”

“My morning routine has given me time to focus on me so that I can help others. Slowly adding new habits has kept it manageable and I just feel better about who I am becoming. I am more positive throughout my day about issues that come up or being flexible throughout the day. I have more energy in the morning. I also spend more time looking at the bigger picture rather than putting out fires all morning. I have realized that my time is valuable and I am worth it!”

Candles on Your Cake Glow Bright

birthday cake.jpg

What will you wish for tonight?

Aging gracefully?

Inhale deep, and blow out one candle at a time.

Pace yourself, and change one habit at a time.

Let all your worries fly out of sight.

Why not begin with Start the Day Right?

Yes, you can…

Become your graceful reality. One moment at a time.


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"I'm not an aging gracefully type. But I do believe in aging with grace.", Danielle Steel

However you want to define it, your graceful journey awaits you.