Welcome to S.E.E. Your Wellbeing


About You

Most “About” pages will start with the business owner.

But I want to start with you.


Tell me...

WHY are you here today?

Allow me to imagine...

You are on the verge of change. But you question your potential.

You are not able to sense your optimal wellbeing.

woman wondering.png

You are curious... 

Is it possible to feel better in my body, mind and spirit? 

What could give me more freedom?

Who will help me?


Do you…

Feel tapped out...spent from all that giving?

Overwhelmed by all of the demands of daily life?

Pop Tylenol PM or something else to help you sleep?

Use pain relievers to soothe migraines and cranky muscles?

Feel frustrated with irritable digestion?

Lose your focus with daily tasks?

Rely on caffeine regularly to get you through your day?

Turn to food or alcohol to take the edge off?

Cringe to get down on the ground to play with your grandkids?

Snap at friends and family too often?

Wish you had abundant energy?


Wondering what's next?

You’re not the only one.


WHAT do you REALLY want?

You want to soak up more fulfillment in your life.

You want to greet the sunrise with clarity, joy and confidence every day.

You want to have more energy and time for the things that really matter to you:

Relationship. Family. Career. Community. Creation. Play. Spirituality.



About Me

I’m Kristen.

Delighted to welcome you here.

I attract people like you. I have been where you are.

You are seeking more…energy, freedom, ease in your body, mind and spirit. Optimal wellbeing. Yet, you are not sure what you need to change, how to begin, and who will help you.

That’s where I meet you. Right where you are. I am ready to guide your transformation.

I believe everyone can enjoy Vibrant Wellbeing.

I believe self-care is at the heart of wellbeing.

I believe I can inspire you to care for yourself

in ways that free you to enjoy Vibrant Wellbeing.


I see your light. The one that radiates Vibrant Wellbeing.

It's time to step into your light.

It's time for you to become the brightest

expression of yourself.

Kristen Polzien lotus hands.jpg


HOW can I help?

I’m a health coach. AND who isn’t, these days?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there calling themselves a “health coach” without the credentials to back it up.

So WHY would you want to get to know me? WHAT makes me unique?


I’ve got the credentials and experience:

PhD. in Exercise Physiology

20+ years developing and coaching programs to uncover the WHY, HOW and WHAT of health behavior change

Certified Health Coach

Certified Holden Qi Gong Teacher

200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher



But probably more important, more meaningful...

I can relate. I’ve been where you are, overwhelmed, unclear, doubtful.


On the surface all appeared well. I looked like I was caring for myself. I exercised every day. I ate "healthy".

I have a loving relationship with my family. I have a great job.

I work at UNC-Chapel Hill as a behavior change researcher. I investigate, design and deliver programs that guide people to optimize their weight and health. I practice what I preach.

But...I had secrets hidden beneath the surface.


I was living in a dis-ease cycle for years. I use dis-ease (instead of disease) because I didn’t really have any “diagnosed” condition. But my daily rhythm was chaotic and painful. I felt dis-ease from the moment I launched out of bed until I hit the pillow.

Day after day, I would wake up with a restless mind, stiff body, and dull spirit. After lunch, my focus was fuzzy. Late afternoon, my energy was zapped. Every night, my sleep was tumultuous.

I had fallen into an uncomfortable rhythm.

I wondered...

Who am I? What difference am I making in the world?


My daily cycle was the antithesis of rhythm. I didn’t know how to break free from my dis-ease cycle until I found Ayurveda, the healing and preventative science of nature. Nature tried get my attention. I chose not to listen. Finally, I was ready to receive her message.

It was time to find a new rhythm. One that flowed with notes of joy, connection, ease.  What did I do?  

I woke up. I realized it was time to honor the gifts I have been given. I chose to prioritize my wellbeing.


I chose to honor the wisdom of 4 wise women:

my grandmother, my mother, my aunt and

my 63 year old self (I'm 43 now).


Slowly . . . very slowly, I made changes in my daily routine to sync up with nature’s rhythm. And now I wake up with a calm mind, supple body and bright spirit. Sound too good to be true? Nah.

You can enjoy vibrant wellbeing!


Now, I’ve got a rhythm that helps me flow through my day with clarity, confidence and stable energy. I created a program to inspire people to enjoy the same vibrant wellbeing. I guide people to practice habits that are in sync with the natural rhythm of the day. As they do, they become the brightest expression of themselves.


My passion is:

Inspiring people to live in rhythm with nature

so that they are free to enjoy Vibrant Wellbeing.

Kristen Polzien-Vibrant Wellbeing.jpg

About Us

WHAT do we do?

Together, we discover how to live in rhythm with nature and enjoy Vibrant Wellbeing.


We become the brightest expression

of ourselves.


HOW does this happen?

qi gong on beach Sept 2018.jpg

Become a member of the  

S.E.E. Your Wellbeing Community.


Sense your connection to nature

Engage in soothing self-care

Express Vibrant Wellbeing


In my Sensational Self-Care Program you will:

  • Revive your physical, emotional, and spiritual energy as you transform your self-care.  

  • Release your dis-ease promoting patterns as you harmonize with nature.

  • Revolutionize your habits as you follow ancient and modern behavior science wisdom. 

  • Raise your success as you connect with a group of like-minded wellbeing seekers. 

  • Reclaim your radiance as you shift your identity to reflect vibrant wellbeing.


The self-care habits guide you to nourish, move, rest, connect and soothe

your body, emotions and spirit.



These habits are rooted in the 5,000+ year old Eastern science of Ayurveda, the science of connecting with nature.

Together, we connect to the wisdom of nature (outside and inside).  We thrive.


You deserve to be cared for. AND it starts with caring for yourself.

“I really see the need to put the "oxygen mask" on first before I help someone with theirs.” ~Amanda: S.E.E. Crew Member

Kristen Polzien-dance.jpg

My clients describe me as:

“positive, reflective, passionate, informative, generous”

How do I enjoy my life now?

The self-care habits have transformed how I nourish, move, rest, connect and soothe my mind, body and spirit.

  • I take adventures to the farmer’s market.

  • I create delicious and nutritious recipes to share with loved ones.

  • I enjoy brisk trail walks and circuit training.

  • I make healing self-care goodies: massage oils, teas, home cleaning products.

  • I teach and practice yoga and qi gong.

  • I connect with nature.

  • I live the habits & I vibrate wellbeing!

Inspired by my grandmother who taught blind children to navigate a world without sight, I will illuminate a path for you to S.E.E. what is around you in every moment and live a Sensational, Engaged, Expressive life.


I believe in you.

I will inspire you to S.E.E. your light.

You will radiate - Clarity, Energy & Confidence.


TRUST. In You. In Me. In Nature.

Believing is S.E.E.ing.

It’s time for you to S.E.E. Your Wellbeing


Are you ready to live a more

Sensational Expressive and Engaged life?



Step inside the S.E.E. Your Wellbeing Circle

Start by telling me a little more about you.

Share where you are and where you want to go.

Apply for a FREE coaching session today! 


Together we will explore:

  • Explore your desires to enjoy vibrant wellbeing.

  • Uncover your challenges to change your habits.

  • Develop your next action step to achieve your desires.


In Support of your Vibrant Wellbeing,